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Modern Examples on the internet: Noun The primary reason would be to share and guidance other academics who have or is going to be under-going the identical process

Then most of us should do our part to engage the officers and our Neighborhood, and maintain Absolutely everyone accountable during the process.

The muscles attaching to the coracoid process will be the pectoralis significant, coracobrachialis, as well as the brief head in the biceps brachii. See: scapula

But The rationale why he would like at times to go off in a tangent may just be that he's predestined to produce the highway, and perhaps, far too, that nevertheless Silly the "direct" simple guy can be, the believed sometimes will take place to him that the highway almost always does guide somewhere, and which the location it causes is less important in comparison to the process of making it, and the Main detail is to save the very well-conducted youngster from despising engineering, and so supplying approach to the deadly idleness, which, as everyone knows, will be the mom of many of the vices.

olecranon, olecranon process - process from the ulna that sorts the outer bump of the elbow and suits to the fossa on the humerus when the arm is prolonged

She arrived at the proper reply by a process of elimination (= by deciding against Every respond to which was unlikely to be suitable till just one was still left).

process - a all-natural prolongation or projection from the part of an organism either animal or plant; "a bony process"

(two) : to combine sensory details obtained to ensure that an action or reaction is produced the brain processes visual images relayed within the retina

if a computer processes information, it utilizes a set of Guidance to arrange it and produce a particular result:

trochanter - one of several bony prominences made near the upper extremity in the femur to which muscles are connected

fingerprinting - the technique of getting inked impressions of someone's fingerprints for the purpose of identification

Adiabatic process, which proceeds with no transfer of heat or matter indian visa concerning a process and its environment

nitrate - treat with nitric acid, In order to vary an natural compound right into a nitrate; "nitroglycerin is obtained by nitrating glycerol"

The macroscopic equations result from a process of averaging out, and will be diverse in various scenarios.

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